About the Fresh Creative Kitchen Crew


Owner, Creative Director, Lead Cook

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Camping — sleeping in a tent and cooking outside, reading books by the lake and telling stories around the campfire

Favorite music, band, genres?
I’ve had a fascination with the big band/swing era for a long time

Favorite food:
Fresh lemons, mushrooms, zucchini, a ripe tomato, basil — I love working with fresh ingredients. But my favorite food? Nice cheese

Favorite place you have traveled to:
Paris and Boston are my favorite cities; Glacier National Park and Grand Teton National Park are my favorite places I’ve camped

Why cooking?
Food is my love language and working with food is my creative outlet. I love knowing my cooking brings people joy. I love to create my own recipes. I also have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit and like doing “my own thing.” Creating this unique kitchen has been a fun way to bring together my skills, creativity and energy


Jenni M.

Cook and Baker
I have been married to my husband Chris for 21 years.  We have two daughters.  My husband recently retired after 24 years in the Air Force. We love the Black Hills and love that it is our home
Favorite outdoor activity:
Being out on the trails in the hills. We have an ATV and UTV.  We love to go out on the trails as a family, surrounded by the beauty of the Black Hills
Favorite music:
I really just love music, all music.  It can take you back to a memory of the past and just makes you feel good
Favorite food:
I love comfort foods -- they remind me of my grandmother's house. Also, strawberries and rhubarb. We would sneak out to eat them straight out of the garden
Favorite place you have traveled to:
The Azores in Portugal. My husband and I lived there for three years thanks to the Air Force. We quickly fell in love with the island.  We will return someday for a visit


Jenni D.

Prep Cook

 What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Hiking and hammocking.  We live in an incredibly beautiful area and it never ceases to amaze me how quick and easy it is to find a new trail or a new perspective on an old one in the Black Hills

What is your favorite place you have traveled to?
Greece!  The scenery, people and food are amazing, and even though the language is daunting, I would go back in a heartbeat

Favorite music, band, genres? 
We are surrounded by music and I appreciate all styles because they are expressions of the artists who wrote them

Favorite food: 
I really enjoy all types of food.  I love when something not only tastes good, but it has multiple layers to the flavors and truly invigorates your palate

Why cooking?
Cooking and baking really comes natural to me and it is one of my creative outlets and a great stress reliever.  I developed my curiosity for cooking from enjoying my mother's creations and wondering how she made something so delicious so effortlessly.  My mother is the most incredible cook that I know and I aspire daily to reach her level.   She's taught me to not be afraid to fail and try again because that is truly the best way to learn and improve on anything you do  



Prep Cook

Favorite music, band, genres:
David Bowie, Wallows, Vampire Weekend, Alternative and 70’s - 80’s era

One thing from your bucket list:
A mission trip to Africa

Favorite place you have traveled to:
Paris or Pismo Beach, CA

Favorite outdoor activity:
Camping at Center Lake


Facilities Manager

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Ultimate Frisbee

Favorite place you have traveled to:
Pismo Beach, CA

Favorite movies?
All the Rocky movies and It's a Wonderful Life

Favorite food?
Spinach for breakfast; Beef Bourguignon any time of day

Why do you like working at Fresh?
I love the cook