About the Fresh Creative Kitchen Crew


Owner, Creative Director, Lead Cook

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Camping — sleeping in a tent and cooking outside, reading books by the lake and telling stories around the campfire

Favorite music, band, genres?
I’ve had a fascination with the big band/swing era for a long time

Favorite food:
Fresh lemons, mushrooms, zucchini, a ripe tomato, basil — I love working with fresh ingredients. But my favorite food? Nice cheese

Favorite place you have traveled to:
Paris and Boston are my favorite cities; Glacier National Park and Grand Teton National Park are my favorite places I’ve camped

Why cooking?
Food is my love language and working with food is my creative outlet. I love knowing my cooking brings people joy. I love to create my own recipes. I also have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit and like doing “my own thing.” Creating this unique kitchen has been a fun way to bring together my skills, creativity and energy.



I have been married to my husband, Elias, for 23 years. We have three children: Praetoria and her husband Steve, Silas, and Savannah. Loving and caring for them all is definitely my dream-come-true

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
I love working in my flower garden (dahlias are my current favorite) and I have a goal to plant at least one new perennial each year. Our family also loves to hike around the Elk Creek area

Do you have any pets?
A sweet Yorkie named "Rosco"

What is your favorite place you have traveled to?
Tijuana, Mexico. I love the food and the weather, but I especially love the connections I have made with so many amazing people there

Why cooking?
Cooking has always been a passion of mine and I view it as my creative expression of love. Fresh Creative Kitchen is such a perfect alternative for busy people who are sick of running through the drive-through night after night. There are definitely key components needed to make a wonderful home-cooked meal: time, fresh ingredients and care put into each dish. That is my goal whether I'm at home or at Fresh Creative Kitchen



Prep Cook
I love to laugh! My husband of 24 years, Kevin, makes me laugh every day.  I have two college-age sons, Kyle and Liam, who make me very proud.
Favorite outdoor activity:
Being on the lake -- boating, skiing, surfing -- hanging out with family and friends.
Favorite music and pastimes:
I love country music and dancing with my husband. Also, I love planting my flower pots, tending them and taking care of my lawn.
Favorite place you have traveled to:
Napa Valley and the small family-owned, private vineyards.  
Monaco and the cobblestone streets and open-air markets.
Why cooking?
I love trying new things!  I like to blend two or three recipes and come up with something new.  The only problem is when my husband says, "It's a keeper!"  and I haven't written it down...


Prep Cook

Favorite music, band, genres:
David Bowie, Wallows, Vampire Weekend, Alternative and 70’s - 80’s era

Music or sports?
I play the flute in the Stevens High School band, marching band, pep band, and Ranger Band. I am also a dancer at Prima School of Dancing

One thing from your bucket list:
A mission trip to Africa

Favorite place you have traveled to:
Paris or Pismo Beach, CA

Favorite outdoor activity:
Camping at Center Lake


Facilities Manager

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Ultimate Frisbee

Favorite place you have traveled to:
Pismo Beach, CA

One thing from your bucket list:
Play a part in a live production of a musical or comedy, where I can express a bit of my alter ego

Favorite food?
Spinach for breakfast; Beef Bourguignon any time of day

Why do you like working at Fresh?
I love the cook