I’ve tried every specialty bakery in Rapid City and Marinell's baked good are the absolute best! She has extraordinary cupcakes, cookies and cheesecakes!

~ Kathleen ~


"Marinell and her fabulous crew have brought smiles and warmth to our table many times. Her meals are made with skill and love. What a nice break during this stressful time."

~ Kim & Tim ~


"Nell's Gourmet to Go steps into my life on days when work, kids and life make cooking dinner really tough. They give us healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals that we are always so grateful for.”

~ Kirsten ~


"I picked up the most beautiful basket of food with an elegant box of beautiful cupcakes. I was in awe at the presentation. Beautiful. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it.
~ Trisha ~

"Nell's Gourmet to Go is just what Rapid City needed!  Being able to order meals that I wouldn't normally have time to prepare, having them hot and ready at a time that's convenient for me to pick up and giving me more time with my family in the evenings...what a blessing!!! 
My husband and I have tried many meals and desserts that Marinell and her team have prepared and have loved them all!"
~ Nicole ~


"Nell's Gourmet to Go is like having my own personal chef!  They cater to my dietary needs and everything tastes great! We have a busy family so it is so nice to have a "home cooked" twice a week!"

~ Lisa ~


"I am a single parent of two teenagers.  Marinell has cooked for our family for years. Her cooking has been a life-saver for our family.  It is prepared with the freshest ingredients.”

~ Kurt ~


"I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a variety of meals and desserts from Nell's Gourmet to Go.  Unbelievably good food and creative homemade recipes!  I look forward to utilizing Nell's Gourmet to Go again!"

~ Tom ~


“I love different textures, bold flavors, and beautiful presentations in my meals. Marinell is a master at all of the above. She knows how to elevate a dish by combining ingredients that work together to enhance the overall taste and appearance of any dish. From her cheesecakes to her soups — all are beautiful to look at and even better to enjoy.”

~ Margo ~


"Meals from Nell's Gourmet to Go are so full of flavor!  I might think, 'I could make that dish myself,' but it wouldn’t taste anything like Nell's Gourmet to Go’s!  

I’m in love with the food and the convenience!"

~ Sandy ~


“Yum! Yum! Marinell sets the bar high.”

~ Dwight ~


"We are always looking for different options for our monthly staff meeting breakfasts. Our meal from Nell's Gourmet to Go was by far the best we’ve had. Not only was it packaged beautifully and very easy to pick up and serve, but the food tasted amazing. The unique recipes were a wonderful change from typical breakfast foods and our employees loved it. 

We will definitely be enjoying meals from Nell's Gourmet to Go again!"

~ Ingrid ~


“When we started to get meals from Nell's Gourmet to Go, we really didn’t know what to expect.  But after a few weeks we realized just how much we couldn’t be without it from that point on. It has been such a lifesaver. The food is homemade, fantastic and convenient for two busy people running their own businesses.

We can choose what we want to eat for the following week from several different options of salads, entrees, and desserts.

It’s not just a service to us, Marinell is a great friend -- I’d even call her family!”

~ Grace ~

“We have been blessed with Marinell's meals from the very beginnings of Nell's Gourmet to Go. They have saved my sanity and my marriage.
My husband & I are both business owners who spend more time at work than at home. I can't even describe the excitement we feel on the days we know Marinell is cooking.
She uses real food, full of flavor and creates it all with love and intention that her clients will truly receive enjoyment and nourishment. My husband actually asks, "What is Marinell cooking this week?!" 
She has also cooked meals for my employees during busy weeks, and my co-workers are big Marinell fans, also!   
I always tell my friends this: I cannot plan meals, grocery shop and prepare the food for what I pay for her services each month. The payment I make to Marinell is the happiest check I write.”

~ Vicki ~


“The food is delicious.  I always look forward to the days when Marinell cooks.”

~ Bennet ~


"I was thrilled when I first learned that Marinell was going to open her new kitchen.  Marinell is truly a delight, she has a passion for food like no other. You will see this in her presentations. 

Marinell offers the best of both worlds when it comes to dining: She affords you the flair of fine dining and the taste of home cooking in the convenience of your own home."

                                ~ Suzanne ~


“Having fresh, homemade, healthy food cooked for us during the week is such a blessing to our family.  It allows us not only to eat healthy during the week but also gives us more time to spend with our children during the rat race of the work week. This service is truly invaluable to our family… and did I mention it’s delicious?!”

~ Marli ~


“The food always tastes liked home cooked meals.  We’ve never had a bad meal.”

~ Morgan ~